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Management Staff

Tim Geise, President

Tim Geise is the founder and owner of Electro Controls. The idea for Electro Controls was conceived following a discussion with a customer thirty five years ago, while Tim was working for an electrical distributor. taking it from two employees to over 80 associates today who build electrical control panel and wire harness assembly solutions. Every step of the way Tim has credited the people in his organization, who have been responsible for all growth and success that Electro Controls has experienced.

Kevin Geise, VP Operations/Wire Harness Manager

Kevin Geise has been a member of Electro Controls since the day his father bought the business in 1986, he has worked many jobs there, starting in the warehouse. Along the way he began building and wiring control panels. He then turned his focus to the wire harness department in 2002, which he began managing. Kevin is now the V.P. of Operations, and still manages the wire harness department.

Doug Borchers, VP Sales & Marketing

Doug Borchers brings a history of automation controls applications to Electro Controls. He spent 6 years with Eaton Corporation in Milwaukee and Cincinnati as an Automation Application Specialist and also over 4 years as Branch Manager of their Dayton, OH district. He joined Electro Controls in 1997 as Sales Manager, working with many different types of control panel and wire harness customers on new applications. He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration, both from the University of Dayton.

Jeff Prenger, Business Director

Jeff Prenger has a BSEE and an MBA from the University of Dayton. He has 20 years of distribution, assembly, and manufacturing experience and has worked in and with a variety of industries. Jeff has executive level strategic and operational management experience, including analysis, vision and mission, goals and objectives, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, budget development, and P&L responsibility.

Sue Smith, Production Supervisor

Sue started at Electro Controls as a crimper in 1996. Having worked her way up through the wire harness department, she has experienced the ups and downs of the industry over the past 16 years. This first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t is an incredibly valuable asset to the Electro Controls team.

Jace Fair, Custom Assembly Manager

Jace Fair has been working directly with motor controls and automation for more than 25 years. He has expert level technician experience with control panels, relay and PLC control schemes, power circuits up to 600VAC, HMIs, and VFDs. In addition, he has years of experience doing system and controls integration, startup, debug, and commissioning. Jace has owned and operated two small businesses. Jace has more than 15 years of supervisory and management experience and is currently a member of the senior management team at Electro Controls.

Scott Guggenbiller, Production Assembly Manager

Scott received an Associate Degree in Electronics from DeVry University in 1978. He came to Electro Controls in February 1982 to assist with the beginnings of the printed circuit board department. His main duties now include Purchasing Manager and Department Manager for the Standard High Volume Assembly at Electro.

Linda Silverthorn, Standard Assembly Manager

Linda Silverthorn started with Electro Controls in 1990 as a wiring and assembly technician. Her past work experience include a Business Service Rep for the local phone company and at the Cincinnati Board of Education she was a key contact for parents during the deregulation of schools. After several years, Linda proved her dedication to Electro Control’s customers and was given the position of Modified Standard Manager. She manages one of Electro Controls largest customers along with 10-12 others and works closely with all of buyers and engineers to deliver a quality product on time.

Jo Ellen Mason, Director of Quality

As an Electronics Technician on active duty for 6 years in the U.S. Navy, Jo Ellen gained a wealth of knowledge in electronics. She earned her BS in Education from Ohio State University in 1985. Jo Ellen continued her military service enlisting in U.S. Air Force Reserves working as Air Transportation Superintendent, and recently retired with 25 years of service. She joined Electro Controls in 1993 and her responsibilities range from ISO, Quality Control, and tool calibration to Safety Coordinator.

Bill Firestone, Director of Engineering

Bill Firestone earned an Associate Degree in Electronics Technology from Kent State University in 1965. Bill served in the U.S. Navy from 1966 thru 1970 and then began what has been a 40+ year career in the capital equipment industry, mainly with metal processing and press room equipment. Bill has extensive engineering and project management experience with machine and motor controls, including PLCs, HMIs, and motor drive systems. Bill has more than 30 years of supervisory and management experience and is currently a member of the senior management team at Electro Controls.

Brett Bender, Field Services Manager

Brett spends his days on-site with Electro Controls customers managing installation, start-up and commissioning of new controls. His team also provides basic field services including program updates, debug, troubleshooting and repair.

Adam Barhorst, Director of SCADA Development

Adam Barhorst started in the Engineering Department at Electro Controls and currently maintains a Sales Engineer role. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Toledo and has worked primarily in the controls engineering field since graduation. He has worked for systems integration firms in Tampa and Columbus before coming on board with Electro Controls. Throughout his career he has been responsible for controls ranging from large government jobs (draw bridges, wastewater treatment plants, etc.) and OEM control panels to small electrical contractor needs.

Account Management

Ray Lepore, Sales Engineer

Ray came to Electro Controls in April of 2011 with an educational background in physics and 30 years of work experience in a variety of capacities in electronics and electrical engineering and in technical training and development. He has a BS and MS in physics from Indiana University.

Scott Gehle, Sales Engineer

Scott Gehle owns an Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Wright State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Bluffton University. He came to Electro Controls with 13 years of experience in Electrical Engineering at two major equipment manufacturers, including designing electrical schematics and programming PLC’s and HMI units. He also travelled the world for start-up and troubleshooting of new automation machinery equipment. Scott joined Electro Controls in 1998 to work closely with a variety of industrial and food industry customers. He is responsible for front line sales and applications, including project management on new electrical control panel and system integration projects.

Shawn Dues, Sales Engineer

Shawn began his career at Electro Controls handling CAD drawings in the Engineering Department, where his design input and application knowledge quickly caught the attention of customers and co-workers.

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