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Do you need systems designed or updated? Electro Controls engineering team has the skills to provide you the system you describe. Starting with your concept, we will supply a total package solution to meet your needs, including CAD drawings, bill-of-materials, assembly, programming, onsite installation, start-up, and debugging. Working in a partnership with your design engineering team or from your description of purpose, Electro Controls Engineering team will find the most efficient design for your new control system. Whether designing new systems, adding functionality to existing systems, or updating old systems, you can rely on the expert knowledge and high quality of Electro Controls systems to meet your needs for years to come.

Technology is changing rapidly in this age. Electro Controls has a vast network of internal and external resources dedicated to controls and automation to help keep you up to date on advances in the electrical control industry. We use the latest technology and strive to always be fully aware of code updates and changes in standards and requirements. This knowledge and technology allows Electro Controls to provide you assistance by developing advanced solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our engineering staff is capable of programming all major brands of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Operator Interfaces. We can handle anything from simple stand alone PLC control to more complex systems that require communication between other PLCs or devices. We also have experience with set up and programming of variable speed or servo drives. Our team is available for onsite installation, start-up and debug.