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Wire Harnesses

Electro Controls is well-equipped to handle all your wire harness needs, regardless of quantity, length or complexity. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace we have invested in the latest wire harness technology which automatically cuts, strips, crimps and labels the wire ensuring a high quality, accurate processing. We are UL Listed allowing us to UL label your assemblies and work with a wide variety of end connectors from military spec to common ring or spade connectors. Harnesses are built on custom designed boards connected to a computerized testing device allowing us to do 100% inspection on every harness built. We can embed devices, such as relays and fuses, into your harness and also assemble power cords, cord sets, and terminated wire leads for several industries.

Our automated machinery allows us to cut, strip, crimp, and terminate one or both ends of your wire. In addition to saving you time and labor costs, the ease and speed of using processed wire from our computerized system guarantees the accuracy of purchase lots to help you produce a quality product. If you need pre-cut, stripped wire, different termination on each end, or imprinting at designated intervals, Electro Controls can accommodate you. We have a wide variety of in-stock terminal ends from vast array of manufacturers to meet your termination requirements.

In addition to standard wire harness and processed wire we have extensive experience processing large cables commonly used in welding applications, battery charging systems, large resistor banks or any application requiring large gauge cable. As in our wire harness assembly our automated system cuts, strips, crimps and labels up to size 1/0 cables. We can also build your larger cable assemblies and mechanically terminate cables up to size 1000MCM using hydraulic crimping machines. The process of cold welding terminals to the cable enhances electrical load transfer and avoids future separation. If you nee additional corrosion resistance, we also tin dip terminals for greater protection.